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  • 100% pure cranberry juice concentrate
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  • Juicy pure wild cranberry juice concentrate

Cranberry juice concentrate


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    • Concentrated Cranberry Juice (Oxycoccus palustris), 180g

    - 100% natural cranberry taste
    - No preservatives
    - No added sugars
    - No artificial sweeteners
    - No artificial colours and flavours
    - Highly concentrated (Brix 65)
    - Dilute before consumption, 1:20 for 100% juice
    - Sediment occurs naturally
    - Remains fresh for one year after opening when stored at +5C

  • Juicy means juice with

  • True Berry Taste!

  • Nutrition Facts/ 100g concentrate:
  • - Energy 474 kJ (116 kcal)
  • - Protein 1,2 g
  • - Carbohydrates 27,0 g

  • Introducing Juicy's Cranberry Juice Concentrate
  • The statements
  • - 100% pure - the cranberry juice concentrate contains 100% cranberries (vaccinium oxycoccus) without other fruit juices and extra sweeteners added.
  • - Absolutely natural – the juice concentrate is absolutely free from added sugars, colours, flavours and preservatives.
  • - Highly concentrated – containing about from 2,2 to 2,5 kg (depending on weather - rain and sunlight, region and vintage) fresh cranberries in one 180 gram bottle of Juicy’s cranberry juice concentrate.
  • - Natural vitamins – the concentrate is vacuum steamed under 55C, not high heated or pasteurized to preserve most of the natural vitamins.
  • - If you ask us whether it’s organic? – We don't have the label to prove it, but we can ensure that the cranberries in our cranberry juice concentrate come from natural and wild fens, not from cultivated plantations.
  • Almost too sour to eat fresh:
  • Cranberries (also called Mossberries, Northern Cranberries, Small Cranberries) are small, shiny red berries growing mainly in the cooler regions of the world such as Canada, the United States and Europe. They have a tart tangy taste – almost too sour to be eaten fresh, but coming with loads of antioxidants and essential nutrients. Drinking cranberry juice will make these benefits a part of your daily diet. If you are not used to the tart taste, it might be too intense at the beginning and take time to get used to, but once done, your body will love this cleansing and energizing juice.
  • Cranberry juice popularity on the rise
  • Today, the popularity of cranberry juice is on the rise and mostly because of its scientifically proven health benefits.
  • Therefore we’re happy to provide you with one of those various ways to grant your body and mind with the powerful health benefits of these tangy, tart red little berries – a true gift from the dearest Mother Nature.
  • Energised and nourished by Mother Nature
  • Making your own juice, near water or smoothie using the Juicy cranberry juice concentrate you get your body nourished and hydrated, your mind refreshed and energized. But further more you get loaded with all the benefits these wonderful berries come with and you can’t even skip it. Just imagine your daily juice be boosted with powerful antioxidants, fiber, vitamins (C, E, K), minerals and bio-flavonoids put into your drink by the all loving and caring Mother Nature and not by food engineers and chemical processes.
  • We’re not doctors, but we like to research
  • Various researches made, scientific or experimental, indicate that consuming cranberries, whether as juice, powder, fresh or dried berries there are several aspects that may be beneficial to your organism.
  • Some of the benefits are listed here:
  • - The most researched, commented and experimented - prevention of urinary tract infections.
  • - But also reducing the risk of kidney stones;
  • - diminishing the plaque on your teeth;
  • - nourishing the brain and being an efficient remedy for weariness;
  • - improving appetite and the assimilation of nutrients;
  • - strengthening the nervous system;
  • - improving the health of nails and hair;
  • - helping to expel toxins.
  • And even more. That’s why we kindly recommend you to do your own research.
  • The how to!
  • - Dilute 1:20 for a 100% juice.
  • - Take 1 tablespoon of concentrate for a glass of water, add concentrate and water to taste.
  • - Mix it with other concentrates or juices to create your own distinct flavours.
  • - Add it to your daily smoothie, yoghurt or other desserts.
  • - Add your preferred sweetener or have it as sour as you can.
  • Easy to store
  • With Juicy Cranberry Juice Concentrate you get a tangy cranberry flavour, packaged into easy-to-store container, smaller than ready-to-serve beverages and packed with even more flavour. Having a 180 gram bottle of Juicy Cranberry Juice Concentrate in your fridge you’re always prepared to make up to 19 litres of cranberry juice drinks.
  • Just mix and serve. Simpel and delicious way for refreshment with health benefits.
  • Disclaimer:
  • This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Pure awesomeness with high quality and great taste!
Rosie Mar 5, 2015
This cranberry juice concentrate is absolutely fantastic. Was really fun to open it, like real present.And the taste is great, very intense. I was even amazed of how much is inside, it's really strong with lots of flavour, real cranberry flavour, really sour. And as at first I thought it to be a bit expensive, it really isn't as it's really concentrated and last for many servings.
The package was a surpise, the price is expensive, but good quality.
Paddy Mar 2, 2015
The package was a surprise. Wonderful. Cranberry concentrate is very, very strong. Just a few drops of concentrate for a glass of water.
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